Meaningful Synergies

You will finally have dignity when you realize that you are not on the path, but have become the path for others.” – Shannon L Ader

Corporate ID Group started off its journey and grew into a fully-fledged communications and media strategy company that is being recognised for its unique approach, its passion and its delivery.

This recognition finds itself confirmed in a growing portfolio of prestigious brands and companies who are choosing Corporate ID Group for its media, communications and branding strategy,

Over the years, just like a lighthouse, its team and associates have become recognised because of our visibility –an achievement that has been possible with years of hard work.

In the group’s evolution, the company has become sought after for a number of advisory related services, which is unbiased, fact based and objective. We are in a position to do so, because just like a lighthouse, the company, thanks to its team, is positioned in a way to know when the big waves are going to hit, anticipate them, but remain grounded in giving the right advice.

We too are positioned to advise our clients and to support them, even when the going gets tough.

We work and collaborate with true professionals. Our clients too, are professionals and to us.

They are an opportunity for us to learn and grow more.

They too are beacons.

Therefore, to us, the lighthouse is also a symbol of humility and of the importance of remaining grounded whilst also being open to learn from others.

Just like a lighthouse, we have built and we keep building our reputation on sound foundations of commitment, passion and integrity.

And in this we are not alone. This is what inspires The Insights Institute