Corporate Identities



Corporate Identities is one of Malta’s leading companies when it comes to Corporate Communications and Marketing.

The company’s approach is strategic. Its deployment is planned and its advice is insight led and the communications approach is content driven. Ultimately its approach is about communicating effectively. 

The services of Corporate Identities are aimed for organisations which require brand, marketing and communication advice and services where their investments is packaged and communicated in a way that realises tangible results which transform themselves into brand equity and increased value for their stake holders.

Through its multidisciplinary experienced team, delivers what our clients need.

We believe that every client is unique. We offer a hands-on, tailor-made service based on the requirements of each individual client. Using this approach we worked across both the public and private sector, locally and internationally. In the process we have gained expertise in a number of fields and our experience is there for our clients to tap in.

The advisory function is also supported by the group’s services definition in terms of Consulta Services (Media Planning and Buying), PR Communico (Media and News Management) and Bold Identities (Creative, Design and Content)

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