Insights Institute


Inspired by the guiding principles of the Corporate ID Group the Insights Institute serves as a catalyst of synergies.

The Insights Institute serves as the forum which brings together a wide number of stakeholders and experts. Besides being a forum it is also a thinking space for existent and aspiring leaders in the corporate world, a forum which brings together experts from various fields with hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge to provide the market.

Our philosophy at Corporate ID Group is inspired by delivering a service through intertwined connections. As such our team, partners with clients and providers through our institute.

In the process, this creates a network where everyone becomes a stakeholder in a process which is aimed so that together, we leave an impact in any area of business and society we support through our service.

Insights Institute serves Corporate ID Group’s arm CI Consulta in the provision of its strategic advisory services in the fields of Social Impact Advisory, European Affairs Advisory Service, Geopolitical Risk Advisory, Market Positioning Strategy and Public Affairs.