Diplomatique.Expert publishes first Annual Global Stability Index Report

From Italy’s populist streak to the Qatar crisis, from the imminent start to the Brexit countdown to redefining of the World Order. Understanding the current dynamics across the Mediterranean and where is Europe going, Diplomatique.Expert’s edition of the Annual Global Stability Index has the major geopolitical issues all covered.

Published by media platform Corporate Dispatch for advisory firm Diplomatique.Expert, the Annual Global Stability Index is the very first in a series of publications which carry the name Diplomatique.Expert, which aims to be a thought-provoking journal aimed to delve into a number of areas. The first edition is based on international relations, economics and geopolitical affairs.

“Our mission at Corporate ID Group is inspired by the belief that facts form the basis of cooperation and trust. For cooperation and trust to thrive, one needs to have the right facts in hand and our aim is to provide facts, presented by expert, reputable and unbiased sources,” says Jesmond Saliba, Executive Chairman of Corporate Id Group and the Managing Editor of Corporate Dispatch who co-edited this Report together with Matthew Bugeja, from Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting.

Diplomatique.Expert has proudly teamed up with Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting to its first publication.

The Geopolitical Stability Index aims to provide the necessary insight and establish itself as a ‘bearing’ so one can calibrate the thinking process required to take commercial decisions which depend on geopolitical risk assessments.

Mr Matthew Bugeja, had headed up the research element of the Global Stability Index project. “Following the news over the past few months, one would be forgiven for thinking that the veritable sky is falling down. The world is entering a period of increased uncertainty as the United States appears to be withdrawing from its traditional role as the leader of the global order, the UK & EU negotiate Brexit, China continues to expand its One Belt, One Road initiative, and trade tensions hamper relations between the United States and a number of its biggest trading partners. However, global stability dynamics have not registered a marked decline over the past five quarters. If anything, it has improved marginally quarter on quarter for several quarters in a row”, said Bugeja.

The journal also carries a number of insight articles namely on major geopolitical issues by Matthew Bugeja, Jesmond Saliba, Sarah Spiteri, Karl Baldacchino and  Dr Ylenia Micallef Grimaud. Micallef Grimaud, heads the EU Affairs Unit of Diplomaitque.Expert which is part of Corporate ID Group.

The Global Stability Index Report covers a total of 115 countries and puts Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia in the top five most politically and economically stable countries. These are followed by Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Finland and the Netherlands. Germany, United States, New Zealand, Austria and the United Kingdom rank next.

The Index contains performance reviews in terms of population and GDP as well as a Country improvement / deterioration index and a Stability / Instability Index.

 “What we witnessed in the past months is probably an unprecedented wave of disruption. In technology, disruption is good but in politics and the international scene, disruption is such that predictions are hard to make. To make decisions, one needs to be informed and this is the mission that drives Corporate ID Group and its structures. We are proud to have teamed up with Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting to bring you this first publication, set at providing the necessary insight for those who make commercial decisions based on geopolitical risk assessments,” added Jesmond Saliba.

The abridged version of the report sells at €45 while the Full Global Stability Index report sells at €300. Students and Academics’ price is of €40 and €250.

One can enquire for the report on insights@diplomatique.expert

To download report a preview of the report follow this link.



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