Corporate ID Group unveils new Corporate Identity

Corporate ID Group has unveiled its new Corporate Identity.

The logo is made up of two main components: a fluid element that features the four corporate colours and the underlying text.

The fluid element in red, blue, green and yellow represents the four coloured discs that made up the original logo of Corporate Identities, which this week commemorates its 10 years of operations. Only now, these four elements are no longer independent but have started morphing together: because it is the various activities that make up the Group.

This coloured motif communicates evolution, unity, growth, fluidity., where one thing leads to another, a promise of more growth to come. All this is supported by symmetrical and assertive text that denotes strength and stability.

Jesmond Saliba, the Executive Chairman of Corporate ID Group said that the new logo reflects the evolution of a business operation which started off 10 years ago. The new corporate identity which was created by Corporate Identities | Boldmark,  was created by Matthew Borg under the artistic direction of James Vella Clark. Saliba said that the essence of each initiative and operation of the Corporate ID Group is to empower, enable and foster meaningful communications. icon cidg

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