Social Impact Advisory


We have a collaborative approach which combines information, its analysis and facilitation of action with the aim of having an impact.

Led by Dr Maria Brown, our team’s aim is to help companies design social impact strategies that strengthen their businesses, and we help investors and businesses develop and evaluate strategies that advance their missions with a social dimension.

Through a thorough and objective social impact analysis we assist you address a very broad set of issues related to changes in the social, economic, and cultural condition in which the surrounding community live and work.

We believe that every business activity needs to take consideration of a social impact to be sustainable. Specific types of social issues and possible impacts associated with a project can vary considerably depending on the nature of the project, its size and location.

Our aim is to help you identify and manage the social impacts of your initiatives and projects. We evaluate policies, device plans and establish programmes to predict and mitigate negative impacts and identify opportunities to enhance benefits for local communities and broader society.

Our team works to offer you fresh ideas and evidence-based analysis to help an organisation and its leaders, anticipate, understand and respond to changes, within a societal context.