Our own transformation

On its tenth anniversary, the company embarked on the transformation and repositioning of the communications company into a multi-disciplinary advisory firm focusing on Corporate Communications, Marketing, Social Impact, Economy, AI and Public Affairs company which serves multiple clients and organisations, local and internationaly, private and institutional, through its various divisions. 

The organisation today employs 11 professionals and has an additional team of 12 senior professional associates from various fields which operate the following divions: 

Ci Consulta is Malta’s first advisory firm which focuses on policy, based on research and insights from a team of professionals, which help companies harness their human, social, technological and brand capital, bringing a local perspective with a global outlook. The Advisory firm specialises in Public Policy Advisorsy, Corporate Communications, Effective Societal Engagement Programmes, Research, European Affairs Advisory, Employee Engagement, Market Positioning, Business Strategy and Reputation Management services. 

Bold Identities  A full multi-channel oriented marketing services division which supports clients in areas related to communication and creative content, with services including market research, media planning, online solutions, brand development and deployment, design services, event management and more.

ComuniqEU is the only Malta-based platform offering a one-stop shop for EU-affairs, from research to in-depth analysis of developments and the dissemination of news related to the European institutions and their activities. The team at ComuniqEU looks beyond the news which makes the media headlines, understanding the stakes at play, the positions being taken, the likely scenarios and the potential impact on the Maltese economy and businesses.  ComuniqEu also disseminates EU-related news, both sourced through its exclusive arrangements with interntational news agencies as well through its own research and networks. It also produces exclusive content on matters related to EU affairs.

PR Communico The division within the organisation which manages stakeholders relations, including the media, where it drafts, disseminates news, localises messages and carries media management services for constituted bodies, international organisations, global brands and local businesses. This is carried through two arms, CDE NEWS Agency and PR Communico Business Wire Service.

CDE.News The news and information platform of the organisation which reviews over 80 news sources from around the world giving localised issues a global perspective. It is the go-to media service when it comes to credible, fact-checked news about geopolitical developments, international current affairs and European policy and developments, while analysing local news. 

CDE.NEWS is part of the Company’s Media2030 division which includes CorporateDispatch Publishing,  the organisations ePublishing division which produces its international journal CorporateDispatchPRO, the BeInformedPRO, on-demand Publications and bulletins among other on-demand specialised ePublications. 

InsightsInstitue – The organisation’s forum which through CiNext, brings together a network of experts and thought leaders from different sectors: academic, business, policy, volunteering, innovation and technology, among others, covering a broad range of themes. The Institute is currently working on the creation of the Malta2030 vision, a vision based on the notion of the common good. Its team also conducts primary research and provides secondary research services building into policy documents, position papers and reports for its policy arm. 

Advocacy4Legacy is the Group’s corporate advocacy arm which provides strategic advisory, public affairs support to a wide number of non-voluntary and social organisations through the design and implimentation of projects between commercial and non-commercial stakeholders that strategically address challenges of social exclusion risks.